can di北京夜生活rectly support the master, or arrange to see the grave site, Qianfen these, based on individual circumstances and costs will be relatively high Some, this is also a member of the Association disclosed, the association just want to regulate market behavior, did not intend to completely absolutely everyone ways to make money.

  Xiao Shu have heard some fameng, the other solemnly say, to believe she had half as much as the original Two Worlds such a big difference, but she did not inherit the memory of the original body, little knowledge: “That you now how do I?”
  ”You want higher price levels money refunded to the client.”Prices regulators and make a sentence,” If he had voluntarily thanks fees, or charges may be appropriate, but can not exceed the amount of hundreds of thousands, and must be reported to the Association.”
  Fea上海夜网rless metaphysical circles these people have licenses for employment, not just practice after the income has, as well as numerous contacts, price regulation after approval by several masters, implement quickly, and now we all feel virtuous cycle.
  ”.alright.”Xiao Shu opening some hesitation, she also thought to be ready to do somet苏州夜网hing else, but fortunately the money not spent,.
  ”What students take the liberty to ask the way, I ask you not to compare money?”Pei Naochun asked,” If what difficulties if the association is to provide interest-free loans to the certified Fearless, after the ceremonies will be after each task, then deducted ten percentage repayment of principal until the buckle end until.”
  ”Okay, I’ll find out.”Xiao Shu Bubur nodded, all of this, and self-cultivation sector in front of a completely different.
  ”Well, what students remember to branch reported Sunday, after conducting complete science education, we will arrange for you to carry out assessment work license.”Vice president of Xiaohe He said the last sentence.
  ”Will.The position of the club in which?”Xiao Shu see a few people go, suddenly opening.
  Vice president of

ay Trinidad and Tobago this modern rules, she always have to listen, tolerance, can only put up with.

  ”and also.”Pei Naochun which they will open,” about the charges, is also a problem.”
  ”Pay is the problem of how?”Xiao Shu stare, save a life, but the income drop in the ocean the other side of the property, which also pipe?
  ”of course.”Pei Naochun nodded,” Before you go we have treated two people that confirmed, you really have to solve the problem, then there is no other behavior that can be charged, according to the requirements of the Association, there is a cap line, In this way you dictate prices, disrupted the market order.”
  Xiao Shu never agree to this point, in the 北京夜网comprehension, do not pay attention to the market to sell things, stall pendulum, only buy love, how can there be so much break the rules: “This is their voluntary.”
  ”There are people in our society Price Bureau, according to market conditions, to develop a unified standard, generally speaking, we charge a f苏州夜网论坛ee consists of two parts, one room and board, transportation costs; the second is the cost of ceremonies, memorial services generally cost small by three thousand, event by thirty thousand client’s net worth can be adjusted according to relief, but the highest, and there is absolutely no time more than three hundred thousand.”Another staff member responsible for price regulation immediately opening.
  It is also proposed Pei Naochun year, not that it does not respect the “masters” of their hard work, but in this world, a metaphysical community are honest to say, the number of people up and down the whole community can be a lot of metaphysics, unlike in Pei Naochun experienced some of the modern world, so famous masters only single-digit millions and not make a joke, and now the price after the price control, but also within the acceptab苏州桑拿le range of normal, enough to make we need to worry.
  Of course, in addition to this, there are some hidden unregulated behavior, such as some rich tycoons,

tion rules and regulations popularity education.”This is the most metaphysical Association dignitaries disgust punishment, the popularity of the system is forcing people to see the system for two hours, but also to accept examination papers, papers that is not radio, multiple choice answers!The test, however, will fix two hours, until the test over the job.

  ”.”Fearless job card?Xiao Shu suspect that he is not got it wrong, “but also there is evidence that.”
  ”of course.”Vice president immediately nodded,” Let’s dry it was a big thing, just like people doctor, do not all have to do certificate?We help people Fearless ghosts will almost certainly be a fortune teller card, or you say so many liars, do it where!”
  ”State regulations do?”Xiao Shu listened stupefied, their cultivation sector can there be so many rules, except not at liberty to killing, beyond mortal injury, limiting everyone’s mind is the road, but to this community, she’d know the law very important.
  ”Yes.”Hearing this, co深圳桑拿网me up with a very active vice president of documents, but also opened up the phone, on top of a red-headed authorized the establishment of institutions,” You can see, we are in this online publicity, you can go to our official see website!”
  ”.Row.”Xiao Shu Min Chun sip, Renzai,” That is not what I can not do these after the?”She just askew only heard what the president said to be universal education regulations.
  ”of course not!”Askew president immediately laughed,” of course, fill permits, as well as the replacement of a certificate of internship after internship positive, concrete after me and you elaborate.”
  ”it is good.”Xiao Shu come to this community, hated that examination, the original body in the diary, except for the boys to write like the most is their test scores, her obsession strong, have 211 to test what is not,苏州桑拿网 Xiao Shu head a back to the exam, you got two countdown, the school has also been interviewed, the results of going around in circles, how is the examination m

t to see the river late, her eyes lit up, Cuisheng students, “A late!”

  Jiang did not expect late, Nguyen rain can be found here, but then I thought, every time he was a child at home after being bullied, do not hide on favorite to this partial cove child inside, so the rain is not surprising to find.
  He looked at his face flushed, sweat glistening nose Nguyen braved rain, do not know how the chest that place jump exceptionally powerful, a hand on his chest, but even if he pressed up, still below the chest uncontrolled “tapping” a loud cry too.
  Nguyen rain several times, shouting A late, did not get a response, her voice not help improve a little, 苏州夜网“Ah Chi, how you?”
  Jiang later than tough lines a hint of a crack, he can not say that after seeing rain, the beating heart of the powerful right!He cleared his voice, “rain, how will you find here?”
  Nguyen Chi rain, staring at the river, the snakeskin child handed over, “no big or small, call Sister!”
  ”You give this stuff is too expensive, I can not have!”To put it plainly, she is also something to.
  Her words say, Jiang Chi’s face immediately changed, the convergence of the original eye clean smile inside, he pushed open snakeskin child, very hard road, “someone else’s stuff, I can not in to recover!”
  His intensity is too large, some did not grasp the good, the rain suddenly Nguyen push both man and child a snakeskin bag fell a Malaysian squatting on the ground can be really hard ah!
  Fall ass hurt, Nguyen rain will北京夜生活网 doubt your ass is not broke into four, she tearfully staring brats, brats, the greater the less fun, but also to a fight.
  She held out her hand, startled a bit late River.
  Originally a little angry, Nguyen rain put him as an outsider, but seeing the tears Nguyen rain this small appearance, do not know how the gas is not up.
  Nguyen rain grinning, gasped, pain in the ass, “do not pull up your sister?”
  Jiang Chi finally answered a God, and he quickly reached out directly carrying, carrying Nguyen rain

you.”Pei Naochun give all the contents of the complaint read out, no polish.

  Xiao Shu moc淡水桑拿网king smile, though she takes the money can also help people solve the problem, actually also complaints against?Moment, my mind turned to thoughts of many, she’s just not clear judgment, the Pei Fearless, to what purpose is, to kill her to return the money, or do not want to call her evil?
  It seems even in this, can not avoid similar cases in the door the same organization, not just want to monopolize it?
  Pei Naochun not much care about her tone, but continued: – “First, we must first clear a thing and you, may I ask whether you have a pass division?”
  Xiao Shu Pei Mingxuan to just say the same set of rhetoric said again, this is her already prepared, the woman of the group of people, has come up with root pen making notes.
  ”That means you have passed the division, but the master is gone?Did you prove what you master identit南宁夜网y?”Pei asked Naochun.
  ”No.”Xiao Shu answered stiffly, like how she had been so pressed,” take no how?This is one of my ability, not always lie, right?”
  ”I would not mean that you master the rules say you have not given our metaphysical community?”
  ”No.”None of the student-teacher Xiao Shu, of course there can not be answered.
  Pei Naochun and people around them as a right, nodded his head at the same time: the case of “What the students, there is not the master of your due diligence, you may not know much about, that you’re undocumented status, according to industry regulations our metaphysics system, there is no division pass, you have to go to the local branch of assessment, assessment work by the holder after.”
  ”.”Xiao Shu hear foggy,” What evidence?”She only knew that he is a student card and identity cards of people.
  ”Fearl南宁桑拿ess job card.”The man next to make a sentence, his body a little fat, good-natured smile,” I am the vice president of our branch here, the little, you undocumented behavior, etc. to accept a two-hour metaphysics Associa

sts of three men and a woman, headed by that, being Pei Mingxuan hold a full, gently stroking her head.

  This is who PEI Fearless?Xiao Shu could not help but looke杭州桑拿d at each other, the Fearless Pei wearing a gray suit, looks approachable, great shape, also sat shoulder a ghost, and his breath integration, is that playing.Miniature mobile phone?
  However, these and she did not pass, Xiao Shu also intend to leave, she wondered, etc. and the next time the primary school girl good relations, to visit her family, but also with advice Pei Fearless about it, can not go out, it was stopped.
  Pei Naochun spoke up: “The students, I ask you do Xiao Shu?”He’s seen pictures of this girl, but in front of this man, and the photo has been quite different, a lookVery low self-esteem, but another burst on the scene towering, Pei Naochun know, this is the body with the original owner committed suicide because of feelings of frustration, not early in their lives, then wipe this cultivation sector souls before thi南宁桑拿s accident.
  ”I’m.’Experienced comprehension sector kill Indiana things Xiao Shu hand has been placed in a pocket, defenses can not do without her in it put a tremendous dozen lethal spell, “What is it?”
  ”I am such a small student.”Pei Naochun to speak, realized there was her daughter, motioned her to go out firs南宁桑拿t,” Ming Xuan, you go out, what we and the students to confirm some things to help us with the door.”This involves the Xiao Shu privacy, even his daughter is not in the inside.
  ”Ok.”Pei Mingxuan know why, step back out of the door, did not forget to shut the door carefully, obediently sat outside the door guarding the door.
  Xiao Shu is a bold art expert, do not panic, the fastest confirmed the position is not dead: “So you came to me, it is something big?”She tensed, ready at any time doing this and different comprehension for industry, she is unlikely to see a person of the opposite level.
  ”What the students, we Metaphysics Association accepted two complaints about

arless right?He is very good.”

  ”That is.”Pei Mingxuan invisible small tails sprang up, as the phrase praise, she immediately knows in his heart why Shu marked with a plus sign t苏州桑拿网en favorability, who could see her father good people are visionary people, “free to say next time, I will go back.”She remembered my father came back from metaphysics Association meeting today, she wants to go back to accompany my father to eat.
  ”Ok.”Xiao Shu did not try to stop, she intends to take to such information un南宁夜网der study, learn something this community college asked her authentic to himself, ‘I’m back on Buffy no wonder people give very convincing his family.’
  She said that a wealthy family home before the ghost of her little two weeks to go in the introduction process, already degenerated modern era, there is no aura, these have not formed a few years of ghosts, unless grievances monstrous, most of them a good deal, she casually a few a Fuzhi go on to solve the problem, money is the last time, clearly clearly see a rich family does not believe even with anger eyes, Xiao Shu and then totally did not care about them, I just feel this is a piece of cake, right and wrong good or bad, since the outcome in the future, and she does not want to do ordinary mortals entangled.
  Now think about it, then she is the brief explanation, when the 南宁夜网security of the whole family’s heart that, but it does not matter, anyway, she did not intend to put these people as repeat customers, she searched for a long time information on the Internet, people find this community most love the beauty, she is good at alchemy, just handy in this regard, those who were bottles and jars, jar of going hundreds of thousands, even tens of thousands, not as eat her immortality, Xiao Shu have thought after relying solely on selling immortality, she will be able to get rich, carefree.
  ”Dad, how come you!”
  Xiao Shu still think of things, I heard screams with joy ahead coming, went to the classroom door, the system consi

y dad said, judged n苏州夜网ot capable, you want to put it convincing job may not even not as a charlatan.”

  When she did not really understand, my father also cited an example, I have met a black man Yintang travel time masters, Made him look this man, surprise, perceived that man must within three days of desperate dangerous, but also implicated innocent people, he took the other opening said: “this comrade, I see you face problems great, no later than three days, if you were not careful attention must flee, but also implicated in the crowd!”
  Carter, the master was that young men beat up, lay directly in the ground, the man did not take advantage of four monitors, direct run away, did not take it to heart, and even cited as a joke, and at night he the same as usual and friends and go out and get drunk, drunk driving, resulting in national highway led to a major accident even hit eight cars, and caused a total of six dead and injured seven, and he is not the life, wake up coma masters when coming, is already four days after he was injured that old waist, all get up again bed, to see that the results from the news, it is too late.
  No matter where you are, this广州桑拿网 will speak to convince people claim to be a science, metaphysics to some extent now also available for service transactions, the buyer gave money, bankruptcy misfortunes, metaphysics Association as the seller, but also You can really solve the problem.
  ”These are your father say?”Xiao Shu could not help but ask, when she was still self-cultivation sector, not simply living by Augur, just learned to practice natural process, normally if she really forget, but also have a conclusion, which should explain so many things, but she think about all the encounters in this sector, but added it was directly persuaded.
  ”Ah, my dad said,.”Pei Mingxuan every time as long as it comes to his own father, and immediately smile Lao Gao Yang.
  ”That’s your dad really a powerful person.”Xiao Shu in the face with appreciation,” Pei Fe

r taught, two years his father was still in the Association opened two sessions, learning about is how to get into the private sector metaphysics, how to better establish a sense of service, is now rare to see someone curious, she also rattle up, “you did not find that I use a lot of words, set in most people who have a role in it?For example, you are born a few months a few numbers?”

  ”July 13.”Xiao Shu is to remember the original body birthday.
  ”This is the day you were born Cancer, your heart, warmer than苏州桑拿 outsiders imagine, kind-hearted, well-intentioned but sometimes this will make you pay too much, this month, you may encounter some twists and turns, but also encountered some opportunities to weather or fall on the tumble, the choice is in your hands.”
  Xiao Shu listening to these words, and control their own situation, they are not allowed to know something quasi.
  ”This is the year my dad taught me, and he has added a lot to the fortune teller’s Information, forget the money spent quite a few of their own destiny, respectively, read a lot of books and a variety of algorithms, after he concluded, would like to convince others, be sure to use an inaccurate term.”Pei Mingxuan Speaking of Dad, the earth is full of pride,” for example, I say you may encounter twists and turns, when you meet, you would think I cut it very fine, if not met, will feel their own luck.Similarly, the analysis of character, most people can be on heart soft, hesitant and decisive similar words, combined with the results of the above analysis, the specious to say something, they tend to be more accepting VIP.”
  ”So this is.”Xiao Shu Pei Mingxuan today remembering t深圳桑拿网hose students counted, each team can feel her remarks on accurate, is to say, when the students applauded as he says is right, that they own, she also that makes sense, but now want to come, there are a lot of things really ambiguous right.
  ”That’s it.”Pei Mingxuan also take the opportunity to move back to the table in situ,” m

the school asked us not to carry a smart phone, you can check the day except for Tuesday, it still took the tape, just and teachers Eight Immortals, recoun苏州桑拿网t Bale.

  ”it is good.”What do you want the phone?Xiao Shu will be handed over their phones, look confused, this communication tool, she did not do too much to understand, only know for contact, you can also send a message.
  In the next period of time, Xiao Shu worldview has been a huge impact.
  ”I’ve just put what you want to share your network drive, you can directly open the door or to the print shop to print, but too many pages, might be a little spending money.”Pei Mingxuan is holding two mobile phones in doing the operation,” I can help you divide the classes, this folder is about constellations, this is the astrolabe, this is the Tarot.There are some basic knowledge of the fortune teller, I put here.”
  Xiao Shu heard stupefied: “These are not secret it?”
  ”Why secrecy?”Pei Mingxuan more than her reaction, however,” The search will be able to find you a thousand degrees, dig treasure the Internet can search for relevant books yet!Network disk in just finishing version, you’ll want to continue to search to search more.”
  ”You mean, these things are also open to ordinary people?”Xiao Shu mouth open.
  ”Yes, but these are ordinary people ha杭州桑拿ve a lot to write, do not be misled on the line.”Pei Mingxuan receive the package to go home,” we learn this, dressed in nothing but a shell, with a simpler interpretation to illustrate the problem.”
  Xiao Shu back to her cell phone, the people in the trance state, you know, ever want to see martial Cheats, it had to be Disciples were, the audit status before entering: “ordinary people write?You mean you just those are all of nonsense?but I.”She clearly saw, we heard very convincing, several people nod as Daosuan, and not utter the slightest.
  ”You mean those Constellation knowledge?”Pei Mingxuan immediately laugh, she thought of the impact they have been at the receiving fathe